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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. >> donald trump could have avoided paying a dime of federal income taxes for 18 years. >> we have heard what they have to voices be heard. in less than 24 hours, the ads, the phone calls, they will finally be over. >> tia: that's right. we will be able to eat dinner without a political call interrupting that conversation. the polls are open and people across the country are casting their votes. >> brian: they are. sia nyorkor joins us live from the fairfax rec where she's been since the polls opened very early this morning. good morning, sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and
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was out the door this morning as people stood to get in here and when the doors opened, they rushed to get checked in. right now they are in the middle. you can see people casting their ballots. it's been steady since 6:30 this morning. it started with an oath. >> discharge of my official duty. >> of my official duty. ia election workers are taking seriously. when the doors here at fairfax recreation center opened at 6:30, the workers were ready for the line of voters that stretched outside the doors. cuyahoga county predicts 357,000 people will vote this election day. and many tell me their vote really matters. >> i'm hoping everybody make the right choice. the right person. you know. >> sia: tell us what's at stake. >> everything. much the united states.
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>> so i figure that's why it's so high right now. and because they probably need someone who is going to be for the people and not against the people. >> i feel good. i really feel good. i voted for what i needed to -- what i believeded in as far as the school levies and the minimum wage and presidential. >> ronnie is voting with his four-year-old granddaughter who has liveed in this community for decades and says he's carrying on tradition. his parents and grandparents carried him to vote. >> i remember what it was like what my grandparents used to say in the south. how difficult it was. and all the people that sacrificed time, jobs, life, to be able to have the opportunity for us to vote. so, we got to make sure to keep that going. >> sia: and it's still going as we know ohio is a battleground state and the most recent polls show that clinton and trump are very, very close and so it could
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the buckeye state. >> tia: all right, sia. thank you so much. if there are questions about your eligibility to vote, you can still cast a ballot. you should be given a provisional ballot. this usually happens when the voter refuses to show a photo i.d. or the name doesn't show up on the electoral role in their precinct. it can also happen if your name is misspelled or address is incorrect. if yav today, cleveland 19 has several resources out there you can use to make your voice heard. contact dani carlson or carl monday at the addresses on screen either via e-mail or also on twitter. >> brian: so the polls are open across the country. turnoutso far is very strong. among those casting ballots, both presidential candidates. craig boswell now with the latest on the end of this very divisive campaign. >> supporters mobbed hillary
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filled out their ballots in their hometown of chappaqua, new york. she greeted voters waiting outside and said she feels humbled. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> reporter: her running mate, tim kaine, got an even earlier start casting his at 6:00 a.m. in richmond, virginia. donald trump voted a few hours later in new york city. >> looking very good. right now it's good. >> based on a cbs news analysis, hillary clinton leads donald trump in electoral votes but a number of states remain up for grabs and the outcome will likely depend on voter turnout. trump got off to an early lead. in the early morning hours there were long lines of voters from new york to california from maine to miami. >> i really think it's important
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vote. >> choice. all america is not like me. >> while there were no perfect choices in this one, i feel like one candidate was clearly above and beyond the other. >> both clinton and trump plan to hold election night parties in new york city to watch the results. >> brian: the justice department is sending hundreds of people in 28 states to monitor the polls today. we'll have a report on election day security coming up. >> tia: i know we live in a selfie world. before you snap that pic for take a selfie here in ohio. you can take a picture of yourself with the i voted sticker. send us one with your sticker. use the hashtag eye voted oh. one of the things people look forward to is getting that sticker. they are like temporary tattoos or badges of honor that say you did your civic responsibility. several cities have gotten rid of the stickers as a cost-cutting measure. that's why kristen started a go fund me campaign to buy stickers
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excited to get one again. some cities like chicago have traded their stickers for wrist bands. and there's a little fun out there, too. you can use those stickers for lots of election day deals. you can use your mobile app at 7-eleven locations to get a free cup of coffee. gold's gym is offering free access. get a little workout in if you show your i voted sticker. bob evans has a coupon for 30% off your meal. chuck e. cheese is free personal pizza with any other pizza. and marco's is offering a free pizza if you go to their website on election day and cast your vote for marco's. there are other deals. we will post them on our website. we told you about this yesterday, free donuts. krispy kreme if you bring your "i voted" sticker with you. all right. cleveland 19 will bring you nonstop election coverage from 7:00 tonight until 11:30 on both
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station, cle 43. >> tia: and no excuses. we have nice weather for election day, but that's going to change. meteorologist samantha roberts joins us now with her first-alert forecast. hi, sam. >> samantha: hi, tia, good afternoon. good afternoon to you, as well. i hope that your tuesday treating you well. if you haven't hit the polls just yet, here's what we are looking at weather wise. maybe you are going on your lunch break and you are going right now. cleveland, akron, canton, everybody off to the east w in fact, as far west as norwalk, things are dry, but there is a little light rain moving into our far western areas closer out toward the islands. erie county, sandusky, and ottawa counties as well. again, most of this is pretty light stuff. it's gradually drifting off to the east. so, if you are in erie or huron counties, heads up as we get a little bit closer to 12:30, 1:00, you could be seeing light
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news as we go on at 4:30, we are on until 7:00 every day. we were talking about that little chance for a few light showers by the lunchtime and early afternoon hours. i think as we get deeper into the afternoon, our rain chances will increase. so, if you go out in cleveland and you want to vote within the next couple of hours, you are probably not going to see any rain. but by 4:00, 5:00, those rain chances are pretty impressive. and i expect that rain to hang temperatures running mild. we are in the 60s. but, it is about to turn cold. and there might even be a little snow in the forecast. we will talk about it coming up at about 19 after. back to you all. >> tia: all right, sam. thanks so much. more election coverage coming your way including a big race right here in ohio for a u.s. senate seat. we check in on the portman and strickland campaigns. >> brian: are you a south park fan?
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made to blame canada. now after this election season, more americans evidently want to move there. >> tia: plus a warning about an app on your iphone that could send unwanted, even would be scene pictures to your phone that your kids can see.
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>> brian: republican incumbent u.s. senator rob portman is trying to clinch his second term as one of ohio's senators. he's been keeping democrat and former governor ted strickland
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and heavily funded campaign against strickland. polls have shown portman pulling away in the campaign's final weeks. >> tia: some have joked throughout the campaigns that if their candidate didn't win, they would move to canada. many americans were not joking about this. they have actually researched jobs in canada on search engines like monster worldwide. the number of american citizens looking for work in canada rose nearly 60% this year. linkedin said t searches were for project managers, software developers and also business analysts. >> well speaking of jobs, facebook might be stepping into the recruitment field. the site is testing a feature that would let page administrators create job postings and receive applications. it is not unknown in which facebook is testing the feature right now. more than 1 bill people world wide use facebook every day.
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potential terror threats, linked to the presidential election. we are going to give you an inside look at the government's secret cyber command center. >> samantha: and we are tracking your election day weather maker. it's mainly dry out there right now. but, there are some showers off to the west. and look back to the west of that front. it's cold. we not only have rain on the way but we have a significant cool down ahead. we will talk about both ofse the weekend coming up after the
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? ? ? like thunder, gonna shake your ground ? ? you held me down ? ? but i got up ? ? get ready 'cause i've had enough ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ?
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? roar ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? oh, louder ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? i'm hillary clinton
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>> tia: welcome back. security is beefed up at polling stations after word of potential terror threats. but the department of homeland security is also worried about online threats. jeff t command center. >> in this room on these big screens exp experts from several federal agencies are watching out for potential cyber attacks in states across the country. [phone ringing] this is a secret department of homeland security cyber command center. it operates 24 hours a day seven days a week. any sort of cyber-related disturbance is flagged instantaneously. a month ago, u.s. officials publicly accused russia of
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with a combination of cyber attacks that led to the disclosure of embarrassing e-mails and russian operatives are also suspected of scanning and probing election-related systems across at least 20 states. is there any doubt in your mind that he is trying to influence the election? >> no. there isn't. >> michael hayden, the former director of the n.s.a. blames russian president vladimir putin. >> he is definitely trying to affect the american political process. i think he's triking to erode what i said. just to be messing with our heads. >> reporter: in recent weeks, russian officials have called the accusations nonsense. and because voting machines are not connected to the internet, u.s. officials say a cyber attack could not affect the vote total on election night. but, a d.h.s. official says they are very concerned about attempts to cause confusion. d.h.s. will be paying especially close attention to secretary of state websites on election night
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to get election information. d.h.s. officials say they have been in conversations with all 50 states about cyber security and incident response teams are gearing up. >> brian: well, if you have an iphone, chances are you have seen it pop up. well, for one family the site wasn't good. a naked man's picture popped up on an iphone in the hands of a two-year-old. laura demaria is getting answers on t from this happening to you. >> laura: for the peterson family a nice dinner out turned into a learning lesson. >> i wish i was aware and now i am. >> laura: while out to dinner, jessica peterson's two-year-old daughter was watching cartoons on her iphone when this happened. an air drop picture of a naked man with option accept or decline. >> if this somebody was older, the daniel was done. they saw something they really, you don't want your children to
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lets you quickly share pictures, videos, contacts and more to the person next to you. the petersons believe it was the table next to them unaware it had even happened. and that's because of the petersons' settings on their iphone. so here are your options if you don't want this to possibly happen to you. when you swipe up from your home screen, you will see this. then go to the air drop. then either choose whether you don't want the feature at all or just for your contacts only. the petersons had it on everyone, meaning anyone can share. >> i think more and more stuff is happening with technology that people are just not savvy to it. and, now i know better. >> laura: after learning about the petersons' story, i myself went in and changed air drop settings. you just swipe up on the screen. you will see it right here behind me. click on where it says air drop there. now i switched it to contacts only but you can change it to off, too. you just don't want it on everyone. that is what happened to the
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>> samantha: all right. welcome back. time now 12:20 and we are tracking some showers for you out there. but not in cleveland. in cleveland, we are completely dry. 63 is our current temperature. a little breezy. winds out of the southwest and that is important because it means that we are going to be above average again in the temperature department. cooler for tomorrow. for now, you can see that sunshine. canton down toward dover. but as you get farther north and farther west, there is a good bit of cloud cover and some showers coming in with this, as well. most of this has been out toward sandusky. our far western areas. so, erie and huron counties, also back toward ottawa and sandusky counties. most of this is pretty light. but is it gradually drifting off toward the east. some would say moving at about 35 miles an hour. so, if you are joining me from
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12:30 you might see a little bit of drizzle. but no steady rain until about 1:00. in the norwalk area, rain also knocking on your back doorstep. so i would say within the next 30 minutes or so, you probably will run into some rain showers. again, they will be very light. i do not expect widespread steady rain or anything like that. until closer to sunset. here's the afternoon. if you are planning on voting this afternoon, maybe you didn't have time to do it this morning, lines were long and you had to get to w so, here's what we are expecting for the next several hours. 1:00 showers west of cleveland. rain around at 3:00. i can't rule out some light rain in the cleveland metro area around 3:00. i just think you are more likely to see it 5:00, 6:00, and our temperatures remaining pretty mild. mid 60s until it starts raining and then that's when the numbers will begin to drop. 63 in cleveland at about 5:00. for tonight, rain continues.
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wait until the very last minute right up until the polls close. you know we've got kids, we've got jobs so we can't always make it earlier in the day. if you are voting later around 6:00 or 7:00, rain is likely and i think that rain will continue off and on into tonight with temperatures primarily in the 50s for us. wake up in the mid 40s early tomorrow. but we aren't going to move much at all. check out your seven-day forecast here. tomorrow after waking up in the 40s, we just kd there all day. there might be a little light rain around for the morning commute, but we should be dry by midmorning. and thursday, guys, looks gorgeous. it will be warmer, there will be more sunshine. but by friday, another chance of showers and, as we cool off late in the day, so, like evening hours, we will drop back into the 30s on set raves' day -- on veterans' day night, that means a little snow could mix in. but it's not going to cause any problems.
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weekend. i saw your face. >> tia: the face of shock. >> brian: high school football games could get nasty. >> tia: it's going to be cold. >> tia: we have breaking news that just came down quickly. if you are traveling in or around akron, i-76 east in akron is closed down to a multi-vehicle crash. it should be closed for about an hour. so just want it alert people of that. especially on a busy day like today. election day. all right. well this story, a lot you may be excited. you may go get you a ticket. go right now. someone in northeast ohio is $2 million richer today. i wish it was me, too. the person won the jack president off of a scratch-off lottery ticket. of course it was purchased at the lucky lottery shell station right in brook park. in the past, get this. this station has a $250,000 winner under its belt. right? a $100,000 winner, and, get this, a $12 million winner.
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so this is a good day to go there and grab a ticket. >> brian: and now a $2 million. >> tia: go after you vote. all right. there's still more to come. >> brian: that's right. including voters getting the royal treatment in one community. we will tell you where you can get a free massage to alleviate that election stress.
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>> spirit airlines is giving voters in the akron canton area an escape from the election madness. you can stop by the spirit relaxation station at the jon taroke community center on massillon road in north canton. soak up the sunny vibes through virtual reality glass, get a free massage and pick up free spirit mile certificates. >> now a message of bipartisanship from a three-year-old. >> her family fun with election day. hazily dressed up as donald trump and hillary clinton for a photo session. we are told the facial expressions were all around. the indiana toddler plans to spend her election day having a little chuck e. cheese for her birthday. think hazley would win for cutest. >> samantha: she's so cute. >> tia: that's adorable. i love that. awesome. all right. make sure that you go out and vote. >> brian: yeah. and if you have problems at the
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>> nick: look at you, man. you're home! your mom and i, we prayed for this moment so many times. i didn't think it'd happen like this. doesn't matter. you're home. tonight, you're gonna sleep in your own bed. i'm gonna tell you stories. yeah, about your mom. i just wish she was here with us.


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